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Ministry of Propaganda - 10/Jul/2005: "XYZ Of The Day"

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XYZ Of The Day

It's hot, I'm in not too great mood, at best I got 50% done of what I wanted to get done this weekend. And I'm still wasting time on a fairly pointless entry to this blog. But then again, may be it will make me feel better? Here are some 'somethingorothers' of the day I found today:

Quote of the Day:

Conclusions: The left is full of crop circle paranoids. The right is full of stupid angry people. Sounds about right. From David Galbraith: Right and Left wing blogs are both crap.

Dodgy spammer of the Day:

Dear Home0wner,... Ahem, 0wner as in 0wned? I'm not sure I really want to have my mortgage with you...

Solution of the Day:

Screenshot of the anti terror solution ad

Private Eye has a category where they mock the current trend of 'solutions' for everything. uksurvive advertises 'anti terror solutions', including the Commuter Pak™. I don't know if gas masks, NBC suits and first aid kits are really anti terror solutions. Although I suspect they will have quite a sales increase now. (via PooterGeek)

Yes of the Day

Luxembourg backs EU constitution

Enough 'of the Day'

That's enough 'of the Day'. Ed.

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