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Ministry of Propaganda - 19/May/2005: "Off Sick"

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Off Sick

My mother called last night (I actually missed the call and only found her message this morning), wondering why I hadn't posted anything since Sunday (Yes, she reads this blog). Well, there are a variety of reasons for it: Monday evening I was busy with cleaning the flat for an inspection by my landlord on Wednesday. On Tuesday evening I was out for a dinner with work. I had planned to post again on Wednesday, but then "disaster" struck:

It started Wednesday very early morning with light abdominal pain, but then I didn't think much of it. By late Wednesday morning it got worse (not to mention the regular trips to the toilet, I'll spare you from the details), so I went home as working was impossible. The afternoon was spent in bed trying to relax, which wasn't easy due to the pain. The night was reasonably OK (although I did take a painkiller at some point to get some sleep, not sure if that was a good idea or not). This morning I did some quick work from home and sent a few mails, but then it was back to bed. The pain is better than yesterday, but seems to be pretty constant now and I don't register much improvement.

Getting slightly worried now due to the lack of further improvement I've called NHS Direct and am currently waiting for the nurse to call back. Which is why I'm writing this entry, as I can't hear the phone in my bedroom very well and have some time to kill. Normal posting will resume once I'm fit again, whenever that is.

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