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Ministry of Propaganda - 15/May/2005: "Sunday Morning Links"

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Sunday Morning Links

So far the weather looks quite promising this morning, meaning I'm probably off to the Bowood Rhododendron Walks later today. But first it's time to blog a few links I found interesting yesterday and this morning. Let's start with some football:

Can't say that I'm a Manchester United supporter, but the takeover by Malcolm Glazer is still scary. It doesn't seem to be available online, The Independent had an analysis yesterday about how much debt Glazer will saddle United with. According to the analysis he'll have to pay £46m/year in interest alone (compare that to £19.4m profit ManU made in 2004). Quite fitting the analysis in BusinessWeek: ManU: A Devil of a Headache?

Some more football: A while ago I posted about the Jim Hamann Bridge. Looks like the voting is over and the panelists didn't want to play: Both Jim Baxter and Didi Hamann were excluded from the shortlist by the jury (link via Treehuggin' pussy).

That's enough football. What else? I hardly ever blog about work, but then I just found this one: Abhisek Banerjee from Intel India was on a business trip to the UK and photoblogged his visit to Swindon. Not sure if I agree with him about the canteen, but then I haven't eaten there for ages.

In case you didn't know it, Blogging is craft and requires skill and determination. There you have it. Live with it.

And to finish this post some music, kind of: The first major UK air guitar contest will be held in Scotland at the Kirkmichael International Guitar Festival. Not sure if the winner qualifies for the Air Guitar World Championship (hint: try the videos at the bottom right).

That's all for now, time to get out of here.

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