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Ministry of Propaganda - 04/May/2005: "WalkIslay Update and Other Links"

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WalkIslay Update and Other Links

Picture of walkers approaching Loch Tarbert on the Isle of Jura

Sorry it's been a bit quiet here, I've been quite busy at work as well as working on the WalkIslay 2005 travelogue. The page for the first two days (unfortunately with a lot of rain) is now complete. Also complete is a QuickTime VR panorama of a view over Loch Tarbert, the corresponding page for our day on the Isle of Jura is work in progress. That will probably keep me busy for the next few days. A few other links to keep you (and me) busy the next few days:

Just did my laundry, so this might come in handy: How to fold a fitted sheet (via lifehacker). Not sure this one is really that clever: fingerprint activated washing machine. What happens if one of the partners is away and the other one needs to wash two loads?

Don't remember how/where I found this one: Not sure this is going to go down that well in certain circles. And if the voters think the same we'll see on Thursday and Friday.

And finally a collection of my neighbours blogs, blogs from Swindon and/or Wiltshire:

Time to get back to the travelogue...

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