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Ministry of Propaganda - 01/May/2005: "Bank Holiday Sunday Walk"

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Bank Holiday Sunday Walk

Picture of a boat on the Kennet and Avon Canal
Picture of a crop circle in a rape seed field
Picture of 3 lambs, 2 of them standing on a fallen tree

After WalkIslay this couldn't really compete, but at least it helped me to get out into the sun and fresh air: Today I went on a circular walk from Pewsey Wharf, along the Kennet and Avon Canal to Alton Barnes, up to Knap Hill, over to Gopher Wood and then back to Pewsey Wharf.(Walk 8 from Walker's Web)

We had a thunderstorm last night, but the weather had recovered for today. It was hazy, but mainly sunny with a few clouds passing in between. With the sun it was also quite warm, I was able to only wear a t-shirt and didn't need a jumper for the whole walk.

The first third of the walk follows the Kennet and Avon Canal, walking along the old towpath which is now a footpath. The canal boats were out in force, as to be expected for a sunny bank holiday weekend. Very nice and relaxing. Having passed Alton Barnes I had to take a slight detour, as the footpath leading over a field didn't seem to exist any more and a solid fence had been built around the field.

Soon I had found the way again though and climbed up Walkers Hill before crossing over to Knap Hill. From here I could see what looked like one of those crop circles to me in a rape seed field below. No UFO's where to be seen anywhere though.

Following the Tan Hill Way towards Gopher Wood I had some good views over Pewsey Downs before descending towards the canal again. Past Draycott farm and the China Cottages (no idea where the name comes from, I didn't see anything remotely Chinese when I passed them) I made my way back to the canal.

The final stretch was along the canal again, I noticed a few lambs which for some reason had decided to climb on a fallen tree stump. A nice final photo opportunity before returning to my car at Pewsey Wharf and the Waterfront Cafe. Unfortunately it was a little bit too late for a pint after approx 10miles and 4.5hrs of walking, but I'll probably try the pub some time in the summer. Now it's time for a relaxing bath.

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