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Ministry of Propaganda - 26/Apr/2005: "General Election Fun"

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General Election Fun

Hendrik I. Vermaat sent me an interesting comment to my recent entry about voting abroad. He seems to disagree with me and other expat bloggers:

Fine. Apply for British citizenship, give up your German passport, swear an oath of alliagance to the Queen (or her successor), be prepared to give your life in service to your new country if some genocidal European malcontents begin another war. Otherwise just shut the f**k up.

Unfortunately he doesn't provide a link to his website (should he have one) and only a disposable e-mail, so I won't bother to reply further despite the fact that I don't like to be told to shut the f**k up. But then there are other interesting developments:

Funnily enough the Conservatives nevertheless seem to be interested in my non-existent vote: Or why did the South Swindon Conservatives with candidate Robert Buckland send me an election leaflet? No, not just one shoved through the letterbox (as the Liberal Democrats did), but one sent through the mail addressed to me with my full name?

Are the datamining tactics not working as they should? But then again a lot doesn't seem to be as easy as some people thought, as Mr Howard discovers that MRSA prevention is more difficult than rocket science after forgetting to wash his hands. I guess he'll have some explaining to do now, I don't think "being horrified" and apologising will be good enough. May be acknowleding that fighting MRSA isn't so easy after all?

More to follow?

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