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Ministry of Propaganda - 14/Apr/2005: "Gone Walking"

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Gone Walking

Picture of Armin walking

Going, going, gone. As mentioned previously I'm off to Islay for the WalkIslay walking week. Leaving Friday late afternoon, so depending on when you read this I might not be gone yet, but will be gone soon. It's very unlikely that there will be any updates until I return. While I can theoretically connect to the Interweb through my mobile phone I don't plan to post any updates. Not even sure if I will download e-mails, although I will take my laptop with me to download the pictures from my camera. I need pictures to bore you with updates to the WalkIslay 2005 travelogue after my return. To give you something to read while I'm gone try the archives (more here) or one of the following links:

Apparently net users learn to live with spam. Hm, are they? Or are the resigning to the fact that it doesn't stop? I'm not looking forward to downloading my e-mails when I return (let alone downloading them while I'm travelling).

'Geek speak' confuses net users. Now there's a surprise. But then is that really so different from other areas?

Not really new, I've read about the topic before, but still a good reminder: Fast Company blogs about the Self-Service Economy, where companies try to transfer as much work as possible to the consumer to safe costs under the guise of empowering the consumer. In the comments to the entry a link to an interesting essay in the NYT: Volunteer Workers of the World, Unite.

And finally: Apparently I'm travelling into some dangerous territory: 'Tourists beware' when visiting Scotland. I guess I won't be meeting too many French then. And I won't be claiming to support Partick Thistle either, try the already mentioned archives for who I support.

Don't forget to come back in just over a week, when normal services should resume.

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