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Ministry of Propaganda - 12/Apr/2005: "Blogging and Voting Abroad"

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Blogging and Voting Abroad

In my recent entry about voting abroad I promised an update to my blogging abroad (Expat bloggers) page. Before I get to the update two quick links to entries from other expats about voting abroad: Stuart Mudie writes about undisenfranchising ex-pats and links to Ben Hammersley who is too late to register to vote already (but doesn't really want to vote anyway). Interesting to read that I'm not alone with my thoughts. But now to the latest additions to my list:

Well, that's all for now. I think there might be a few more in the mess of my bookmarks for expat bloggers, I really need to clean them up. If you sent me a mail recently and I haven't added you yet, I'll do it with the next update (which won't happen until I'm back from Islay though). During the next update I'll also check if all the blogs are still working, if any URLs need updating or if anyone needs to be moved to the returned expats page.

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