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Ministry of Propaganda - 07/Mar/2005: "Jim Hamann Bridge"

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Jim Hamann Bridge

Now this could turn into an interesting competition: There is a bridge leading to the currently under construction new Wembley Stadium. This bridge needs a name, which is where the interweb comes in, as the London Development Agency launched an online competition to name the new bridge. A variety of (non-English) people just couldn't resist and decided to hijack the competition for their purposes:

First off the mark were the Scots and in particular the Tartan Army (although I can't find it on the Tartan Army Homepage), who think the bridge should be called Jim Baxter Bridge. The English are not amused.

Now the Germans are joining in: They think it should be called Dietmar-Hamann-Bridge. Their reasoning? Didi Hamann scored the last goal at the old Wembley Stadium, a feat he should be remembered for. I think the English are even less amused.

And me? I think I'll better stay neutral, considering where I live ;-)

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