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Ministry of Propaganda - 05/Mar/2005: "Proper Snow"

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Proper Snow

Picture of a tiny bit of snow
Picture of gardens covered in snow

I'm considering a complaint to the Trading Standards Agency (or whatever they call themselves). Take a look at the pictures on the right:

First a picture I just took out of my window here in Swindon. According to the news Britain is set for another 'bitterly cold' and snowy weekend. And what do we get? A dusting of snow, settling in some sheltered areas. Call that snow? Call that winter? Laughable.

Compare and contrast with the second picture. My mother sent me the picture of the view over the back gardens in Bremen, North Germany, a few days ago. The north of Germany typically doesn't get much snow, especially not in March. But at least they have some proper snow now. And as far as I know all schools are still open.

So, dear weather god (or whoever is responsible for this shambles), can you just make up your mind? Either make it proper winter with snow and frost or make it spring with mild weather. If you can't make the first, let's just move on to the second.

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