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Ministry of Propaganda - 27/Feb/2005: "Listening to the Wireless"

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Listening to the Wireless

Regular readers of this blog will know that I don't have a television. Instead I listen to the radio quite a lot, in particular since I discovered Digital Radio two years ago. Looks like I'm not alone, as now more digital radios are sold than analog radios. I guess part of this is people replacing their old analog radios with digital radios for the better sound quality, but I wonder how many people are 'rediscovering' radio? Or is it a combination of both, people rediscovering radio because of the better quality?

I mainly listen to BBC Radio, which I believe to be the best radio broadcaster in the world. Occasionally I try one of the commercial stations, but usually the advertising gets on my nerves after a fairly short time. Also the music they play is often not to my tastes, let alone any of the editorial content.

I guess I can count myself lucky, it seems Germany is still far behind as a report in Die Zeit titled Rettet Das Radio (Save the Radio) suggests. From what I remember of my last visits to Germany the radio program is not that exciting, a lot of mindless pop from the latest charts and that's about it.

As long as I have BBC 6 Music for music, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio Five Live for news and shows like Just a Minute, The News Quiz or Home Truths I'm happy. Who needs a television if you can get everything important on the wireless?

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