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Ministry of Propaganda - 09/Feb2005: "Islay and Jura Links"

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Islay and Jura Links

Last week Islay was in the news after a tragic accident, I understand from the Ileach that there have been various inaccuracies in the press and TV coverage, so I'm not going to link to any of it and also refrain from writing anything else about it. Instead I'll post a few other links I collected over the last few weeks as well as an update to an earlier posting.

Jura Doctor

I mentioned the search for a new doctor for Jura recently, the search has been successful and a new doctor has been appointed. And Jura is set to get its own ambulance, which is also good news.

Islay IT Services

I'm not sure how long they exist now, but I recently found Islay IT Services in my referers. James McGregor runs it from Port Charlotte. James, should you read this, how about you start an Islay Blog? Shouldn't be a big problem for you to set one up and you can blog first hand compared to my second hand links.

Wave Energy Plant

I hope to see the Wavegen Plant during the Islay Walking Week, so far I've only seen it from the distance. But as it keeps popping up in the news again and again and again I'm really keen to visit it and see it with my own eyes. Even though I'm not sure if there's really that much to see.

Islay Whisky

When I do a search for Islay on the various blog tracking tools (e.g. Technorati or Bloglines) almost all of the entries I find relate to Islay whiskies. Can't disappoint you in this posting then. Here's an interesting analysis about Bruichladdich in the business section of The Times. Or try the LA Times island malts tour through Arran, Islay and Jura. And another one about Bruichladdich in The Guardian.

Visiting Islay

If you're new to this blog and don't understand why I'm writing about Islay you have a few options: Visit my own Isle of Islay pages, read this report about Islay by Andrew Jefford or buy his book Peat, Smoke and Spirit: The Story of Islay and Its Whiskies.

And keep reading this blog, I'm sure there will be further entries about Islay (and sometimes its neighbour Jura).

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