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Ministry of Propaganda - 28/Dec/2004: "Back Home"

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Back Home

After the Christmas weekend with my parents and sister in Germany I'm back home in Swindon. On Monday morning we went to the bank to arrange a few things, the advisor was very helpful and we managed to get everything done we had set out to do. We then had a nice lunch at Achim's Beck's Haus before it was time to drive to the airport.

The flight from Bremen to Frankfurt was uneventful and we arrived in Frankfurt on time. Due to the reduced flight schedule over the Christmas holiday period I now had more than three hours to kill. Different to Munich airport, Frankfurt Airport doesn't seem to have extensive WiFi coverage. At least I managed to find a kind of desk with a power supply where I sat down to get to work:

The Scotland Winter 2004 travelogue was due some attention, I managed to complete one page and several panoramas. A page about how I walked almost to the summit of Ben Vorlich, a QuickTime VR panorama of a view south over the Arrochar Alps and another panorama of a view over Loch Arklet, Loch Lomond and Ben Lomond are now online. I hope you'll enjoy them.

May be I should write this in a separate entry, I'll probably do this later. Over Christmas I spoke with my parents about some of their experiences around Nazi Germany and World War II. I haven't decided yet if and what of it I might write about and when, but some of it would be very sad to lose. In the meantime I'd like to mention a programme I just listened to on BBC Radio 4: Taking a Stand had the story of Inge Deutschkron, who survived as a Jewish teenager in Nazi Berlin during WW II. There doesn't seem to be a permanent link to the broadcast yet, I believe for a week after writing this entry you should be able to listen to it here. I'll try to post a permanent link later.

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