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Ministry of Propaganda - 30/Nov/2004: "Gone Walking (Hopefully)"

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Gone Walking (Hopefully)

Right, if everything goes to plan and the weather is not too bad I will be standing on one of those hills in the picture below (large version) on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Or on two of those days. Or in best case on all three days. Meaning: Keep your fingers crossed that the weather will be nice. Or if you are so inclined perform a weather dance to convince the weather gods to send some good weather to the Arrochar Alps.

Screenshot of a World Wind view of the Arrochar Alps

For those not familiar with the area a short overview: The view is into a roughly north-western direction. The northern part of Loch Lomond on the right. From the bottom left Loch Long is coming in, Arrochar and Succoth at the end of it. In the top left corner is the far end of Loch Fyne (yes, home of Loch Fyne Oysters & Restaurant). In the middle of what you can see of Loch Long, Glen Croe stretches out north west, the A83 going through it. After a while it turns sharply right, that's where Rest And Be Thankful is. Next to it you can just make out the tip of Loch Restil. Soon after it turns left again, that's Glen Kinglas. Just right of the centre is the reservoir of Loch Sloy, next to it is Ben Vorlich, one of my possible destinations for the weekend. Roughly in the centre of the picture three of hills in a row: The Cobbler/Ben Arthur, Beinn Narnain (another possible destination) and A'Chrois. Behind them Beinn Ime and Beinn Vane.

If the weather doesn't turn out as I hope and it rains too much I'll have to find alternatives. In that case the Gallery of Modern Art, Pollok House and the People's Palace are likely destinations. As well as the Christmas market mentioned earlier.

I'm planning to leave on Wednesday straight from work, blogging will be light to non-existent until I return. I suggest you get out and do something different as well ;-)

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