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Ministry of Propaganda - 17/Oct/2004: "Horse Trekking in Kintyre"

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Horse Trekking in Kintyre

As mentioned earlier this week I spent most of the my spare time the last few days working on the pages about my sisters horse trekking in Kintyre this summer. I've just completed the last page and my sister has "signed it off", meaning it's time for yet another shameless plug. Under the umbrella of our Scotland Summer 2004 travelogue you can now read about her adventures in Kintyre:

  1. The arrival at Homeston Farm in Kintyre, having flown over from Germany
  2. The first ride in Machrihanish Bay among others
  3. Riding from the east to the west coast of Kintyre
  4. Returning to Homeston Farm, passing Sir Paul McCartney's farm on the way (he wasn't at home though)
  5. Off into the woods before visiting a distillery, time to sample a wee dram
  6. As it's called the Kintyre Peninsula, Cliffs and Coast weren't far away. Also the grave of the unknown seaman
  7. And then it was all over, a last ride out to Dunaverty Bay and back to Homeston

Writing these pages was an interesting experience: My sister had sent me a CD with her pictures as well as her own diary of the days (in German though). I don't know much (if anything) about horses and riding, only the little I've picked up from my sister talking about it. Meaning I had to write about something I don't know much about (apart from the landscape) and "translate" my sisters notes while trying to make it sound interesting and written by herself. I think I've been reasonably successful, my sister says she's happy with it. I hope you'll enjoy the pages as well. If you have any questions or comments for my sister feel free to e-mail me and I'll forward it to her.

I'd also like to compliment my sister on the quality of some of the pictures: Considering that most of them were taken sitting on a moving (sometimes galloping) horse I'm quite impressed. Most of us would probably struggle staying on a horse, let alone take pictures at the same time...

Picture of horses in the morning light

I'll close this posting with some more "horse content", a few horses in the early morning light at Homeston Farm. This picture was taken on their rest day (at least I assume they get a rest between the current guests leaving and the new guests arriving), or the day my sister and me drove on to Islay.

Which leads me on quite nicely to the next pages I will be able to plug: I'll now start working on the pages from our days on Islay and Colonsay. I'll also try to squeeze in some other blogging though. I've got a few links I still want to blog about. Just wait and see.

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