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Ministry of Propaganda - 16/Oct/2004: "Dream House"

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Dream House

Picture of the Singing Sands with Lurabus House above it

Unfortunately this is way beyond my (and probably most peoples) price range, but should I win the lottery (unlikely, as I don't buy lottery tickets) or have an unexpected inheritance (extremely unlikely, I don't think there's a so far unknown rich uncle from America anywhere) I would immediately make an offer.

Lurabus House on Islay is for sale for £320,000. The views from the house must be amazing. I haven't been up there, but I've been on the singing sands as well as on The Oa a couple of times. This is on the other side, but here are a few impressions of the views to the west from The Oa. I've got pictures of the views to Kintyre somewhere, unfortunately I can't find them right now.

I guess I can only dream for now. And hope that I can afford a place like that one day.

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