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Ministry of Propaganda - 28/Aug/2004: "The wait continues..."

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The wait continues...

I can't say that I'm very impressed by "The Reliable Airline" at the moment. Their online tracking system now says BAG ARR KLxxxx/28AUG COLL DEL 1200/28AUG. Some automated system called the mobile phone of my mother, unfortunately she was unable to understand what it said. The message finished with "To repeat this message press". Press what? I've called their customer service desk multiple times, either the line is busy or I get an answering machine. I've left several messages asking to call me. Result so far? Nothing. I've sent them several e-mails asking them to contact me and to update the information in their tracking system. Result so far? Not much. The address they now hold in their tracking system is a weird mixture of my address and the address of the hotel. If a courier is going to try to deliver the suitcase with that address I wonder where it will end up...

Now we're sitting here at home, unable to go anywhere as the courier might turn up here. Or not, if he goes to the hotel. It is now 14:00 15:00, the day basically wasted. The weather forecast for today is reasonable, getting worse tomorrow. Thank you very much KLM.

Anyway, while we're waiting a few links to waste some more time:

And the wait continues...

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