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Ministry of Propaganda - 26/Jul/2004: "I'm back"

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I'm back

Well, it was bound to happen: I'm back. Normal services will resume soon. I had a great holiday with hillwalking on Arran:

More walking on the Isle of Islay:

And great beaches on the Isle of Colonsay:

Only the drive back wasn't so great:

Copious amount of Islay whisky were consumed and several distilleries visited. This was complemented with quite a bit of the local beer: Islay Ales, Arran brewery and finally Loch Fyne Ales (Horst, let me know your postal address and ask me nicely, I might send you a sample. I had a quite a few bottles in my car...). Not to forget some excellent food, in particular in the Port Charlotte Hotel on Islay and at Loch Fyne Oysters. Even my sister (she doesn't eat meat or anything with eggs for medical reasons) was very happy with the food.

Thanks also to all the folks on Islay. Just to name a few: Ian and Margaret, thanks for the tea and the nice chat. Carl, thanks for the tour of the Ileach offices and the drinks at your new pub (Don't think there's a website for it, but if you make it to Portnahaven the pub is worth a visit (there's only one, you can't miss it)). Paul at Islay Ales, thanks for the excellent tour (and the beer). Arra at Persabus Pottery for the chat and everything. And last but not least, everyone at the Port Charlotte Hotel for making it such an enjoyable stay. And everyone I missed here.

Unfortunately my main camera died half way through the first week, so I had to make do with my reserve camera. Not great, so I have to see if I'll have to add this to my credit card bill for this holiday soon. Nevertheless I will soon start to bore you with a travelogue to be linked from here at my travelogues pages...

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