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Ministry of Propaganda - 06/Jun/2004: "Lazy Weekend and Spammers"

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Lazy Weekend and Spammers

After all the activity the last three weekends I decided to stay at home and don't do much this time. So far I'm quite successful. I haven't done much. Surfed the web a bit. Read a few newspapers. Drank copius amounts of tea. Had some nice food (Can I use this opportunity to thank my sister? Of course I can, after all this is my blog. Hence: Thanks Imke for buying the Kolbasz Hungarian sausage for me. I still haven't been able to find it here in Swindon). Listened to some music. And got annoyed by the spammers:

No, not the e-mail type, at least not too much. My spam filter takes care of most of that and the rest is easily recognised and even easier deleted. Neither the pop-up variety, the few that make it through Mozilla's pop-up blocker are swiftly closed with a quick ALT-F4. I'm talking of the referer spammers this time. I like to see who links to my sites, so I check my logfiles and if I find something like or (not linked on purpose) I click on it. Only to swiftly be redirected to this site (WHOIS entry with screenshot, possibly NSFW). Of these I currently have 5-10 every day. Time for another quick ALT-F4, but still annoying as just from the domain name I can't see what's behind it and therefore waste time. And I don't know what to do about it, that's the annoying bit.

Any suggestions? If you check your referrers, how do you deal with this problem?

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