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Ministry of Propaganda - 25/May/2004: "That wasn't what I asked"

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That wasn't what I asked

I recently mentioned that I'm interested in the WiFi Seeker. So I thought I'll find out where I can buy one. Their website says they expect to start shipping in Q3, but not much more. And they have an e-mail for "Sales & Customer Service", to which I sent this e-mail:

Subject: WiFi Seeker Distributor in Europe (in particular in the UK)?

Message: I'm very interested in buying a WiFi Seeker once it becomes available.
As I'm living in the UK I'm wondering if you will have a European distributor I could buy it from? Or will have to order it from the US?

Well, here's the answer I received:

Thanks for your interest in the WiFi Seeker. Units will become available in early Q3. When available, you can order them at I will make sure to notify you as soon as the units are available.

Erm, yes. That's kind of you. But that's not really what I asked. I wanted to find out if there will be a European distributor. Now you can argue that your answer implies that I can only order it via the website, if that's the case why can't you just write something like "We are sorry, there won't be a European distributor. But you can order it via our website, I will notify you once we start taking orders"?

Now I feel fobbed off with some boilerplate answer instead of being treated as a genuine customer. And I've lost quite a bit of interest in buying your product. Sorry.

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