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Ministry of Propaganda - 12/Mar/2004: "Friday evening linkdump"

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Friday evening linkdump

Friday evening. Pizza. Beer. Surfing. Whisky. Linkdump.

Photoshopping and Politics

A while ago I had the link to The Commissar Vanishes. Now the New York Times (Free registration etc etc...) writes about the dangers of photoshopping, especially in politics (and they also mention the vanishing commissar). Quite worrying, is there even a possibility that an election is massively influenced by a photoshopped picture?

EU expansion and America

Another interesting read in the New York Times, a look at the EU expansion in May 2004. The attitudes some of the Eastern European states will bring to the European Union and how this is likely to impact the relationship with the US. Also a quote which should scare the Tories and other Europhobes: The great fallacy is that as Europe gets bigger, somehow it gets more disintegrated. The evidence is that every new previous enlargement has been followed by the need for more sharing of sovereignty and someone to set the rules in Brussels. (David Shane, Britain's minister for Europe)

Whisky (not Whiskey)

Best enjoyed with a wee dram of Bruichladdich, an American writes about whisky: Taste Whisky With Slate (And discover the wonders of peat). Which reminds me: In just over a month I'll be back on Islay...

Back to the landline?

The Herald has an interesting feature from a mobile phone addict who lived without her mobile phone for a weekend. And realised that a landline sometimes does the job as well. If not better in certain cases.

OK, that's enough links. Bedtime.

End of entry

Entry trivia

Dodgy picture of the moment:

Picture of Armin and Imke drawing

Not sure if this was a Friday evening. But probably no pizza and certainly no alcohol. And just pens instead of Photoshop.

End of entry trivia

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