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Ministry of Propaganda - 23/Nov/2003: "Bremer Klaben"

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Bremer Klaben

A quick follow up from yesterdays baking entry:

I had mentioned the Bremer Klaben which I had just put in the oven. This is how it looked before and after:

Picture of the Klaben before it went into the ovenPicture of the finished Bremer Klaben

Matthew has picked up on my baking and recommends I should make some Wiltshire Lardy Cake. It has very similar ingredients to the Bremer Klaben, so I will try it to see how it compares to it. If I find the time I'll probably make some next weekend, you'll read about here if I manage to do it.

Picture of Bremer Klaben, a teapot and a mug of teaAfter some of my home made bread yesterday (and probably more tonight) I enjoyed my first Bremer Klaben of this season this afternoon. It has turned out very nice and will probably be even better after resting for a few more days. If anyone from work is reading this, yes, I'll bring some into work at some point. I spoke with my mother earlier today, she did some baking yesterday as well although I don't remember if she has already baked her first Klaben for this year.

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Entry trivia

When writing this entry the weather was: Rain. I think it only stopped very briefly this morning.

When writing this entry I was listening to: Rock'n'Roll Riot (NME cover disc)

During the last hour before I wrote this entry I visited this website: none

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