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Ministry of Propaganda - 15/Nov/2003: "Blogging Abroad Update"

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Blogging Abroad Update

I didn't check when I did the last update, but I think it must have been quite a while ago. Several updates to the two lists then, first the Returned Expats list:

But I also found a few more blogs to add to the Blogging Abroad list:

As I'm drinking tea while writing this I think I can claim I've completed 4 points from my to do list for this weekend: I visited the new Cotswold Outdoor store this afternoon (spending way too much money), did some laundry, drank a lot of tea and updated the Blogging Abroad page.

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Entry trivia

When writing this entry the weather was: not sure, I think cloudy (it's dark now)

When writing this entry I was listening to: Rachmaninov - Piano Concertos Nos.2 + 3 (Yefim Bronfman, The Philharmonia, Esa-Pekka Salonen)

During the last hour before I wrote this entry I visited this website: all the sites mentioned above

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