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Ministry of Propaganda - 29/Jun/2003: "Advertising"

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Various people have started advertising on their blogs or are thinking about it: Stefan Smalla just started and has written up a few thought about potential impacts. Russell Beattie has a a joke about it, yet admits there is some truth in it. Stuart Mudie was thinking about signing up, but seems to have decided against it.

I thought about it very briefly, then decided against it. Two reasons: Less importantly I think it looks horrible. It's something just added on somewhere in a design I wouldn't be able to influence. More importantly I didn't set this blog up to make money out of it. While I do have Amazon Associate links, which earn me some commission occasionally, I can decide what I link to and stand behind it. It's a book I have read and like or a CD I'm listening to myself. With ads I don't really have that control. And I don't like that on my personal project. Meaning this blog will remain advertising free.

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