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Ministry of Propaganda - 10/Jun/2003: "HTML e-mails..."

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HTML e-mails...

Some people ask me why I don't like HTML e-mails. Well, apart from the obvious problems like size, webbugs etc there is also another one: I can't even read them. Especially if the whole e-mail is just graphics (incl the text!) in an HTML e-mail. Because for me they then look like this:

Picture of a HTML e-mail

And before anyone asks why I don't get a "better" e-mail client: I'm very happy with The Bat!, it does exactly what I want it to do. Which includes not downloading images (and therefore webbugs) from the web.

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When writing this entry the weather was: Partly cloudy, but mostly sunny, quite strong gusty wind.

When writing this entry I was listening to: Stiff Little Fingers - Anthology

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