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Ministry of Propaganda - 08/May/2003: "Web Beacons"

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Web Beacons

My e-mail client doesn't load any images embedded into HTML mails from the web anyway, therefore it doesn't allow spammers or marketers to use them as "web beacons". Hotmail as well as soon MS Outlook 11 will also stop displaying them (link via Techdirt), making life a bit more difficult for spammers and marketers.

However, could this cause another issue? I see (well, or not due to my settings ;-)) more and more spam with the whole message just embedded as an image (to avoid spam filters). Will this lead to more and more spammers as well as marketers just including the images into the mail, leading to more experiences like this one? OK, they lose the web beacon functionality, but they get the pictures delivered. Not a pleasant thought, considering the traffic this could generate.

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