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Ministry of Propaganda - 05/May/2003: "Blogtool woes"

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Blogtool woes

While I'm generally very happy with Greymatter it has started to cause me a few problems recently: With the number of entries growing I more and more often run into the limits of the processing time my webhost allows me (a complete rebuild is impossible now, adding postings often doesn't complete all steps etc). This can make posting quite tedious as I have to rebuild individual files etc. I'm slightly worried that it might not work at all any more in a few weeks time.
So what options do have? Should I revert to blog "manually" and write everything by hand, possibly using a few templates for my editor? Zeldman still does it that way (including rss feed), should he be my rolemodel? Or should I try Bloxsom once version 2 is released? I don't think Moveable Type or pMachine are real options, as to my knowledge they require databases (which I don't have).
I guess I'll have to think about this a bit more and also explore a few more options (changing the webhost isn't one of them).

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Hi Armin,

versuchs mal mit Coranto ( Wir haben es ein Jahr lang für IT&W benutzt, ohne Probleme. Es hat eine Flatfile-DB, also kein MySQL, wie pMachine und MT. Es ist bis zum vollwertigen CMS erweiterbar, aber in der Grundversion ist es einfach ein Blogtool. Es hat z.B. auch ein PlugIn, das das Rendern der Seiten in kleinen Paketen erledigt und so die TimeOuts umgeht.

Hope this helps,

Posted by majo @ 06/May/2003 17:44 GMT

Thanks, werde ich mir mal ansehen. Even though I'm currently tending towards the "Zeldman-way", as this would allow me to make a few changes/additions to the way I show my entries. Only need to figure out how I allow comments then.

Posted by Armin @ 06/May/2003 18:31 GMT

For the record, Movable Type does not require a database. It can use Berkeley DB files or SQLite. And it can break up the rebuild process into chunks to avoid time outs.

What I don't like about MT is that it has its own template language. I have to keep track of enough languages without having to learn yet another just for my blog.

I guess is that if you want to be Zeldman, editing nearly-raw files by hand, the most Zeldman-like blog system is Blosxom. I've never tried it, since I'm a database-type person.

Posted by Scott Hanson @ 06/May/2003 20:22 GMT

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