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Ministry of Propaganda - 30/April/2003: "Be afraid, be very afraid"

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Be afraid, be very afraid

Online-advertising will become even more intrusive (via Techdirt). I'm not sure how they work, so let's see how the various ad blockers will deal with them. And how the sites will fare that use them.

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whatever the used technology may be, we'll be able to block it with some filters in mozilla :-)

Posted by Andreas @ 30/April/2003 23:10 GMT

Unfortunately I have my doubts that even Mozilla can deal with it. They way I understand it is that they are like interstitials, where the link to the actual page is on the ad (behind the close button). So unless you happen to know the real address for the page you want there is no way of escaping the ad. And I can't think of a way any browser could deal with that.

Posted by Armin @ 03/May/2003 10:24 GMT