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Ministry of Propaganda - 18/April/2003: "Gone travelling"

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Gone travelling

Well, I thought about writing "Gone fishing". But then the only time I get in contact with fish is when it is on my plate. So I'm "Gone travelling". Travelling to Scotland for a few days, in particular to Islay. I won't be blogging from the road, read the old entries (there are enough of them) instead or visit another expat blogger (there are enough of them). But remember to come back late next week, when services will resume ;-)

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Don't forget to have a wee dram for me while you're there!

Posted by Stuart @ 18/April/2003 08:33 GMT

Well Armin, you certainly brought the sun with you! Hope you enjoyed your stay.

Posted by Dan @ 23/April/2003 17:09 GMT

Well, certainly had a great time again. And purchased the whisky after trying some of it...

Posted by Armin @ 24/April/2003 19:04 GMT