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Ministry of Propaganda - 16/April/2003: "More Blogging Abroad..."

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More Blogging Abroad...

Several additions to the Blogging Abroad list today, most of them probably courtesy of a link by Jason Kottke to it. What's new? A Romanian in Denmark, two Canadians in the United States, a Korean-American in Denmark, an American in Canada and finally an English couple in Germany. Will that do for now?

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A tip to your readers:
There is an excellent index of weblogs by Brazilian expats around the world at
NB: It is in Portuguese, as are most of the blogs.

Posted by Maria @ 16/April/2003 23:47 GMT

Did you get a million hits from that Kottke link?

Posted by Stuart @ 17/April/2003 13:58 GMT

Well, not a million, but it felt like it. My inbox suddenly became alive (as I use a different account for my non-blog related mail it's usually very quiet) and my daily logfile was much bigger than usual. And I think some of the people listed felt it, I had quite a few coming back from their stats pages ;-)

Posted by Armin @ 17/April/2003 14:07 GMT