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Ministry of Propaganda - 27/March/2003: "It's about mobile phone technology!"

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It's about mobile phone technology!

Some people say it's about weapons of mass destruction. Others say it's about oil. Now there's a new twist to the war in Iraq: Who will supply the technology for the mobile phone network in Iraq once the war is over? Congressman Darrell Issa (California) is demanding that American companies supporting CDMA should be used, in particular Qualcomm. He has a few interesting claims in his letter: He thinks GSM stands for "Groupe Speciale Mobile". That's new to most Europeans (and probably Americans in the industry), who know that it stands for "Global System for Mobile Communication". He also thinks that it would mainly benefit German and French companies, which is probably news to Nokia and Ericsson. And so it goes on. The Register has gone into more detail than I can be bothered. Oh, before I forget: Qualcomm is based in California. Strange that.