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Ministry of Propaganda - 22/March/2003: "War reporting and looking ahead"

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War reporting and looking ahead

Jason Kottke has a few comments on war reporting. I don't have a television, so don't see much of it. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing. I don't have to see lots of useless information, but might also might miss some things which might make me more angry and disappointed. But a quick look at some of the warbloggers usually let's me despair anyway. And asking myself what the point of all this is. All the arguments for and against the war have been exchanged and now it is under way, unlikely to be stopped. But may be the discussion will now shift to the future and what will happen once this war is over, whatever the results. There are a lot of international relations to be addressed...

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Good grief. Following your links, this was the first time I had a close look at those so-called warblogs; and the comments of some of their readers. May I say that I find them 'zum kotzen'? Pardon my French. Yuck!

Posted by The Cartoonist @ 22/March/2003 12:37 GMT

Well, luckily nobody can hear what I sometimes say when I look at some of them. Not printable.

Posted by Armin @ 22/March/2003 12:48 GMT


Posted by The Cartoonist @ 22/March/2003 14:37 GMT

Patient: It hurts when I do this!
Doctor: Well, don't do that then!

Seriously, you shouldn't read too much of those guys, you'll go blind
or something. Two decades ago, the self-same people would have been
writing letters to the editor -- green ink, all-caps for emphasis,
lots of underlining -- which would mercifully have gone straight to the
circular file. Now we have free(ish) self-publishing on the Internet.
Is this advance or regression?

Posted by Paul @ 23/March/2003 09:42 GMT

Don't worry, I won't read too much of them. But every couple of days I find it interesting to see what the other side thinks. And letters from Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells are always interesting ;-)

Posted by Armin @ 23/March/2003 09:57 GMT