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Ministry of Propaganda - 20/March/2003: "Oenotheque - what does this word mean?"

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Oenotheque - what does this word mean?

I can have a guess what this word means, but I thought I try to find someone who knows it for sure: I'm trying to find out what "oenotheque" means. It has something to do with wine and/or champagne. I haven't been able to find it in a dictionary, but from the search results in Google it might be something like a tasting room in the cellar/basement of a winery. If you know the answer please post a comment with it.

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Well, if discotheque is a record-library, then oenotheque is a
wine-library. Whether it's then just a fancy name for a wine cellar,
or refers to a collection of books about wine, I'm unsure. I suppose
the former.

Posted by The Oenophile Eagle @ 21/March/2003 07:48 GMT

It's actually just a fancy name for a wine shop.

On, it says: "oenotheque (vinotheque) - Merchant dealing in fine wines."

When I lived in Barcelona, there was a lovely little restaurant in my street called the Vinoteca, but that's another story.

Anyway, why are you asking? Are you thinking of going into the wine business?

Posted by Stuart @ 21/March/2003 09:54 GMT

Well, I don't know much (if anything) about wine and very much prefer a single malt. So, no chance of me going into the wine business. No, a colleague read the word somewhere and asked around if anyone knew. So I thought I try the power of the worldwide network the internet allows to build. And it seems it produces results!

Posted by Armin @ 21/March/2003 09:58 GMT

Prowino sent me the following update: oenotheque when referencing Champagne means that the said bottle comes from the Champagne house's library of wine(the cellar). The wine was aged on it's lees (remaining yeast from the secondary fermentation) and released at a later date (long after it's initial release). Most Champagne houses (Bollinger for example) simply refer this release as an "RD" Recently Disgorged.

Posted by Armin @ 24/Aug/2006 16:08 GMT

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