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Ministry of Propaganda - 15/March/2003: "The impact of war"

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The impact of war

Living abroad I haven't followed the discussion very much, as there is limited coverage in the British media and I don't read very much of the German press any more. Over the last few months there seems to have been quite a lot of discussion about the impact and horrors of the British and American attacks on Germany during World War II. The New York Times has just picked up on it and describes the difficult discussion as well as the link to German opposition to an attack on Iraq. I don't want to go into a debate about the rights or wrongs of the attacks and if Germans have any rights to feel as victims. My key point is that there are still a lot of Germans who remember the horrors of war (my parents were 5 and 15 in 1945) and they have passed on at least some of this to their children. Not to forget pages like The Memory Hole: This is War and War Against War (Memory Hole links via The Cartoonist). Unfortunately I doubt this will have much of an impact on the warbloggers and hawks. And unfortunately I don't have a solution how to address the Saddam problem. While I don't believe he poses an immediate threat I do believe that he will pose a long term threat and needs to be disarmed. I just don't think a war under which the Iraqi population would suffer immensely is the right solution to do this.