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Ministry of Propaganda - 13/March/2003: "What has the world come to?"

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What has the world come to?

I steered clear from postings about the Iraq crisis for quite a while, but in the end I did start making a few posts about it. The reaction shocks me. Some of the responses you can read in my comments. I also received the odd email. One was full of various swear words and finished with the sentence "I hope we bomb the hell out of France". I'm struggling to deal with all this. Now you might say, well, then you shouldn't post about it. May be you are right, may be not. But then I need to write down some of bewilderment about what is going on in the world. To me some of these people are lowering themselves to the level of the people they claim to be against. After all war is mainly about one thing: Killing humans.

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Armin, relax, take a chill pill! If nutters annoy you, can't you just
delete the offending comments and/or IP-ban them? As for the W W W being
"public domain" (as one nutter opined), this is *your* board, and you
can do what the hell you want on it, so long as it's legal. Perhaps our
trans-atlantic friend might care to get up off his enormous behind and
start his own weblog? But no: that would require some effort and skill.
Much easier to hurl abuse at some French guy (yes, I know; but remember:
"Goddamn gook names! All sound the same!") from the safety of anonymity.

And, last but not least: Don't Feed the Trolls!

Posted by Potato-eating, Guiness-swilling Surrender Monkey @ 14/March/2003 08:12 GMT

Armin, that guy can't even spell. He's probably just a 12 year old kid. Our Irish friend is right: Don't feed the trolls.

Posted by The Cartoonist @ 14/March/2003 08:52 GMT

Thanks guys. I'll calm down and try not to feed the trolls any more. Just had to get this off my chest. I don't want to edit or delete any posts, after all it shows how the world is. Only had to make a slight change to one of your postings, for some reason Greymatter tries to convert three w's together to a link ;-)

Posted by Armin @ 14/March/2003 11:33 GMT