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Ministry of Propaganda - 13/March/2003: "Not the result I was hoping for"

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Not the result I was hoping for

Celtic 1 - Liverpool 1 at Parkhead. That looks like a difficult second leg match for Celtic. But then Celtic won in Blackburn and Henrik Larsson is back, so it's not impossible.

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Unless I am mistaken you are a German living in England, just wondered why your thoughts are with Celtic?
I fear the return leg will be an uphill task.

Posted by noinsight @ 15/March/2003 19:35 GMT

Yes, German living in England, that's correct. Without going into too much detail, the Celtic connection comes from a love of Scotland (just try and an ex-girlfriend. Something along those lines. And as much as I don't like it I have to agree, the return leg will be tough. But then I just decided to be optimistic ;-)

Posted by Armin @ 15/March/2003 19:51 GMT

Just wondered if Scottish people living in England would make it to your Blogging Abroad page.
I hope the game will be on BBC this time as Channel5 reception here is extremely bad.
Come on The Bhoys.

Posted by noinsight @ 15/March/2003 21:20 GMT