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Ministry of Propaganda - 13/March/2003: "The transatlantic mess..."

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The transatlantic mess...

After all that nonsense with Germany/France stinks, the Freedom Fries etc may be it's time to look at the whole transatlantic mess and non-communication in a different light. Josef Joffe of Die Zeit comments about the Truemmerhaufen vor dem ersten Schuss ("pile of rubble before the first shot is fired"). Sorry it's only in German, I hope you either understand German or find a translation service that works for you. From my point of view it's about how the transatlantic relationship has suffered through diplomatic mistakes, confrontation and egoism from both sides, the US on one side, Russia, France and Germany on the other side. And how the struggle for global dominance could destroy the UN. (link via dogfood)

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Well I agree I tried to read the German and it is true that there will be no winner even if we go to war and change the government we will still lose. However, we feel that is better to lose the worlds public opinion (Which has always has be lacking positive response in my life) than to lose more American lives.

Posted by AN AMERICAN @ 14/March/2003 16:10 GMT