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Ministry of Propaganda - 12/March/2003: "Old Europe strikes back"

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Old Europe strikes back

As our American colleagues have nothing better to do than renaming French Fries to Freedom Fries, Herr Minister decided it's time to get even: As of now the term "American" will be replaced with "Ja haben die denn nichts besseres zu tun" (or "Ils n'ont pas a n'importe quoi mieux faire" if you prefer French). Hence we will now speak of "Ja haben die denn nichts besseres zu tun football", "Ja haben die denn nichts besseres zu tun Tourists" and "United States of Ja haben die denn nichts besseres zu tun". That should really make them think...

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I can't believe how F@king childish you people are. Maybe you don't remember 9/11 but I do I lost family in NY. do you not understand that people don't like the US and think it is ok to take it out on the people of this country. A friend that is on the US Olympic Wrestling team is not allowed to wear anything that would let people know where they are from out side of any event. and could not attend the worlds in Iran.

Now if that plane from the WT buildings had crap that Iraq said it doesnít have (ex. VX) but is making drone plans to drop it on our troops (not yours). The country has had 12 years to get rid of everything he has. Do you believe he has when he has been found to be making new things? Um.. I am no specialist but NO!!!! Now that the UN is divided and canít speak with one voice it already is worthless. It has no power to do anything So it shouldnít be OOO we donít want war so the US should back down. BUT FOR PEOPLE WITH A BACK BONE TO SAY IRAQ SHOULD TELL THE TRUTH FOLLOW THE RESILUTIONS THAT HAVE BEEN SET OR LOSS HIS COUNTRY.. I think 18 resolutions is enough? Which we canít do anything to back them because the UN doesnít want to go to war. I havenít even mentioned about the money that France and Germany would loss if we did change the regime.
People say we are over baring and trigger happy I donít see it that way. We are the land of the free and we do everything we can to help all counties. If you can name ma a country that we donít support in some way please inform the man.

France your ecomime is doing well. DO you think you are different from the rest of the EU. Your country donsít even have enough money to back the euro.. But your France you are different

We should have left you speacking GERMAN o yeah you like each other now with a common enemy the US

Please reply to me with any reply I am waiting with baited breath

An American

Posted by An American @ 12/March/2003 22:20 GMT

Do you really expect me to answer to such a rant? When you use swearwords in my home? (Yes, I regard this as my home)

No, I have no intention to answer you this way. Feel free to send me an e-mail or add another comment once you have calmed down and are able to discuss rationally. Then, and only then, am I willing to talk with you.

Posted by Armin @ 12/March/2003 23:03 GMT

O I am sorry did I hurt your feels. I did censor my response. I didnít just come out and swear. You know what I wanted to say and you put the last few letters in not me. This just goes to show what kind of people the world is dealing with. That is ok I didnít think you would have any rebuttal. Thanks for making my point.

Posted by An American @ 12/March/2003 23:24 GMT

I have already placed this on an other topic but I think it is fitting for this one as well It wasnít a Belgian or a Frog that invented the freedom fry. It was from South AmericaÖ AMERICA it might not be the US but at least we donít try to be funny and think you are being clever when you are really just showing your arrogance and ignorance.

And by the way this might be your site but it is published on the world wide web making it public domain. I can say what ever I like. If you donít know the internet was developed by MIT in the US Just incase you forgot about that little detail

Posted by AN AMERICAN @ 13/March/2003 21:15 GMT

May be you should fact check before you post:
If you had read the article you link to properly you would have noticed that the potato came from South America, but that both Belgians and French claim to have invented the fries. So who is being ignorant here?
And Tim Berners Lee is commonly regarded as the inventor of the World Wide Web. Funnily enough he's a Brit, who was working in Switzerland at that time. So it was a true European who gave you the opportunity to use the nice and colourful world wide web. Just in case you forgot this important detail.
And finally, you are wrong when you think you can say whatever you like. Even when you try to hide behind a pseudonym (Are you ashamed to speak under your real name?), tracking you down wouldn't be impossible. Law enforcement agencies have done this before.

Posted by Armin @ 13/March/2003 23:11 GMT

I am not threating any one and i am sorry if i come off as not so smart and irate but i take this quite serouily and personaly. When it is your family and your friends that die and the world could care less. when you have your freinds come back from over seas with pictures of places with signs that say " we don't serve americans here" that makes me mad. if the world would have stuck together this would have never come to this now. Iraq thinks it has a foot hold on the world and is laughling about what a mess this has created. DO you think we would have gotten this far if we weren't threatening with foces. uum i don't think so and that is my opinion. 17 resolutions a normal person would think is enough but not he french they have to wait till they are drinking cofee on there street corners before they do anything.

Posted by AN AMERICAN @ 14/March/2003 14:27 GMT