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Ministry of Propaganda - 11/March/2003: "Do you want WiFi with that?"

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Do you want WiFi with that?

With your burger and fries that is? McDonalds is going to offer free WiFi access with certain meals. I still doubt this would entice me to buy a "Value Meal" (or whatever they are called now), but who knows for certain what the need for bandwidth might do?

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Speaking of fries, I'm sure Herr Minister is going to *love* this:

"House cafeterias change names for 'french fries' and 'french toast'".


Posted by Guinness swilling, potato eating surrender monkey @ 12/March/2003 14:02 GMT

Herr Minister says: We know, our spies already reported this. And we laugh about the ignorance of our American partners, after all French Fries were invented by the Belgians. Hehe...

Posted by Armin @ 12/March/2003 14:12 GMT

Of equal concern are the many Americans boycotting French letters. But I suppose it will help to replace some of the unfortunate troops who are going to be horrifically killed in the Gulf...

Posted by DAn @ 13/March/2003 10:43 GMT

man I would think you would have known that they were "invented" in Belgium but it was a French chef. The people in US absorb everything around us a “melting pot”. If we feel the need to make the food more palatable change the name of some food to make it more American we will. In addition, because the French stance makes most of us sick. We don’t even what to say French anything but we still have to eat remember the hot dog.

Posted by AN AMERICAN @ 13/March/2003 16:16 GMT

OOPS I stand corrected it was just a lying french chef.

Posted by AN AMERICAN @ 13/March/2003 20:11 GMT