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Ministry of Propaganda - 08/March/2003: "Spamming against spam?"

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Spamming against spam?

The discussion around how to fight spam takes another turn: Now there are suggestions to fill the order databases with bogus orders (link via Techdirt). Then the company responsible for the spam would have to sift through tons of bogus orders, making spam inefficient. Well, it might just work, I have two concerns around this though: a) It won't really impact the spammers (i.e. the people sending the e-mails), but mostly their customers (i.e. the people running the business who were so stupid to use the spammers). Meaning as long as the spammers find enough customers spam won't really go down. b) How will be ensured that the company being hit with the bogus orders is really behind the spam? Otherwise if you want to hurt a competitor you just send out some spam under their name....