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Ministry of Propaganda - 07/March/2003: "The smell is quite pervasive..."

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The smell is quite pervasive...

It's getting more interesting by the day: Germany stinks has now been noticed by the German mainstream media. Der Spiegel (thanks to Moe for the link) is writing about it and they seem to think it's real. What makes me think that it's a fake is some of the proof they write about and arguments they use, especially the part about the increased water consumption at midnight in the different time zones. The whole thing is just so over the top that I now think it is fake. Nevertheless I still have a problem with the site (as said before), as it's still very much fuelling the fire, regardless if it is a fake or not. A lot of people are upset about the page and others might do stupid things guided by pages like this. So from this point I have to agree with Moe, it doesn't really matter if it's a fake or not.