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Ministry of Propaganda - 06/March/2003: "It's a parody..."

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It's a parody...

Well, The Shamrockshire Eagle convinced me after a discussion that Germany stinks is a parody. I still have my problems with it as I fell for it and so might others who might do more stupid things. But I have to admit that I fell for it and possibly overreacted to it.

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Well, it's funny you should say that, because I'm having doubts the other
way now! Ah no, it *must* a parody -- the "big boots" bit is even dafter
than the "Boston tea party" stuff. But still, a strange doubt lingers
in my mind... Maybe I've been reading too many warblogs too...

Posted by The Shamrockshire Eagle, editor and sole proprietor of @ 06/March/2003 17:53 GMT

Hm. If we're lucky the owner of the site reads his logfiles and drops in here to leave his comment?

Posted by Armin @ 06/March/2003 19:17 GMT

The company I work for is mentioned on the France stinks site! Does that make me a pawn of Saddam?

Posted by Stuart @ 06/March/2003 21:40 GMT

I'm too tired to think about that now. Only one thing: I can't take any of the warbloggers serious and I don't get upset about them any more. I just laugh about them now. Simple as that.

Posted by Armin @ 06/March/2003 23:42 GMT featured by Spiegel Online:,1518,239013,00.html
they dont think its a fake, as it seems. i dont, either.

Posted by Moe @ 07/March/2003 17:01 GMT

Well, now,if you're going to believe what der Spiegel tells you...

I still think, on balance, thought I'm open to persuasion, that it is an
extremely sophisticated piss-take. It is done very well, so well that
I *was* utterly convinced at first. But consider:

a) it's too articulate;

b) there are little clues scattered around; in the phrasing of things,
and in little pieces which are just *too* absurd.

But in any case, don't get too excited. This is only the Internet.
Most people have better things to do with their time. The warbloggers &
co. are self-selecting and unrepresentative. So, even if this site were
not a parody, it wouldn't be something to get would up about. There are
wackos in very country.

Posted by The Shamrockshire Eagle, owner and sole proprietor of @ 07/March/2003 18:00 GMT