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Ministry of Propaganda - 05/March/2003: "Oooh, what is that smell??"

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Oooh, what is that smell??

Germany stinks (And France stinks as well). (via Couchblog via PlasticThinking) The webmaster for those sites is really clever. He has a list of companies not to buy from as they support the German economy. Oh yes? So why are half of them US subsidiaries, employing US citizens, paying US wages, US taxes and therefore supporting the US economy? Well, shoot yourself in the foot if you feel like it. And don't forget to stop buying Duck Products duct tape, after all they are owned by the Henkel Group. Which is German. No more homeland security then. Ooops...

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Have you not considered that possibly, just maybe, the sites could be
a parody?

Posted by The Shamrockshire Eagle, editor and sole proprietor of @ 06/March/2003 15:18 GMT

I did consider it. But unfortunately I can't find the way it was done funny. If it is a parody that is. Which I doubt after reading too many warblogs.

Posted by Armin @ 06/March/2003 15:49 GMT

Try this link from "Germany Stinks"

and tell me if it alters your view.

Posted by Me again @ 06/March/2003 15:58 GMT

OK, you've convinced me. I didn't see that page, only the company list, part of the intro (I gave up half way through) and the homepage. And I still think it's inflammatory and read by the right (?) people can lead to stupid things. But you're right, it's a parody and I fell for it.

Posted by Armin @ 06/March/2003 17:12 GMT