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Ministry of Propaganda - 22/February/2003: "Recent reading"

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Recent reading

Peter Robinson - Gallows View (An Inspector Banks Mystery). This is actually the first book in the series The Cartoonist recommended to me a while ago. A good recommendation I must say and now the two books I read earlier make much more sense.

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I just finished reading 'Aftermath' (on the Eurostar), which is brilliant, actually the best one out of the series. It was a hit-and-miss; I was at Murder One in London and just grabbed a paperback of an author I've never heard of before.
That was a really good 'hit-and-miss'.In Germany, 4 of his books have been translated and published by Ulstein Verlag - he deserves a better German publisher...

Posted by The Cartoonist @ 22/February/2003 21:50 GMT