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Ministry of Propaganda - 30/January/2003: "Take it with humour?"

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Take it with humour?

Most weblogs I read comment on the Iraq/Al Quaida/Axis of Evil situation in some way. I haven't said much yet and probably won't say much about it. To a large extent because I'm completely baffled with all this, I just don't understand what is going on any more, I don't know who I can and/or want to believe. Neither am I happy with the simple answers/solutions both sides of the argument give, be it the hawks, be it the doves. May be humour will help me over this? Jeffrey Zeldman's G.W. Bush calls Saddam is one example (via dogfood). Or the clear link between Iraq and Al Quaida (via Or should I watch Between Iraq and a Hard Place (via ITW)?

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Thanks for the link, Armin.

Posted by Joeri @ 31/January/2003 12:19 GMT

I can recommend 'Between Iraq and a Hard Place' - it's very funny.

Posted by The Cartoonist @ 31/January/2003 20:17 GMT