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Ministry of Propaganda - 29/January/2003: "Brit-bashing by Der Spiegel"

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Brit-bashing by Der Spiegel

Now let's see how this will go down with the British press, in particular the tabloids. Der Spiegel: Grossbritannien, Die Drinks-and- Drugs-Europameister.

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Do you know the Chinese fellow (or girl?) blogging from Dublin?

Could be something for 'Blogging abroad'.

Posted by The Cartoonist @ 29/January/2003 18:29 GMT

Hadn't heard of that one yet, will check it out. I also have the on my list, which I found at

Posted by Armin @ 29/January/2003 21:04 GMT

Harry "Pothead" - brilliant!

Posted by Stuart @ 29/January/2003 21:59 GMT