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Ministry of Propaganda - 26/January/2003: "Asylum and terrorism..."

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Asylum and terrorism...

I'm a bit baffled about the current debate around terrorism and asylum seekers. A handful of asylum seekers turn out to be terrorists. A handful out of to my knowledge over 100,000. And some of the press and right wing politicians are up in arms: Huge danger to the UK. We need to lock them all up in detention centres to review if they are potential terrorists. Etc etc. Hm. If I remember correctly most (if not all) of the Sep 11 terrorists entered the US on student or even tourist visas. So does this mean we need to lock up anyone entering the UK to interrogate them and find out if they might be terrorists? Anyone coming in from Ireland could be an IRA terrorist. Any from Spain an ETA terrorist. Anyone from from the Middle East could be an Al Quaida terrorist. Anyone else could be a terrorist...

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Like you already said in another entry: We should just lock up EVERYBODY, ANYONE - the whole of England.

Posted by The Cartoonist @ 26/January/2003 21:17 GMT