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Ministry of Propaganda - 20/Mar/2010: "Burned Out Boat on the Canal"

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Burned Out Boat on the Canal

Quite a lot going on the canal at the moment: British Waterways have gone ahead with the felling of the Poplar Trees in Aldermaston Wharf, most of them are gone by now. However, that is not what this entry is about, I'll write about the trees in a week or so once they are all gone. Today I'm going to mention a boat fire I now see the results of in the morning. I go jogging along the canal towards Woolhampton every morning. The last few months I passed a small sports boat every morning, wondering if it was abandoned as I never saw anyone in it. On Thursday morning I was greeted with this sight:

Picture of a burned out small sports boat on a canal

Having seen it perfectly fine the morning before it must have happened the day (or night) before. Not too many people normally are in the area, there's one house nearby and a canal boat was moored 100 yards or so away (I guess they will have raised the alarm, assuming they were around). Today I found a bit more background, Newbury Today writes ‘Fire crews called to suspected boat arson’, mentioning it happened around 22:00 hrs on Wednesday.

Picture of a burned out small sports boat, another canal boat in the background

Luckily the trees above didn't catch fire and there was no other boat moored in the immediate vicinity, otherwise the outcome could have been much worse. According to the report the police and fire services treat it as suspected arson. I wonder how they're going to remove the wreck, for now they've just put a barrier around it, I assume to stop oil and other chemicals to spread on the canal:

Picture of a burned out small sports boat surrounded by a swimming barrier

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