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Ministry of Propaganda - 10/May/2009: "Brimpton Airfield Fly-in Day"

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Brimpton Airfield Fly-in Day

Picture of visitors at a small airshow next to the landing strip

Another nice spring weekend in West Berkshire. When I got up this morning I didn't have any plans yet what to do, apart from that I had to get out in the nice weather. During my morning run along the canal I noticed two small airplanes coming in fairly low, which reminded me of Brimpton Airfield. I had found out about the airfield back in February and knew that they occasionally had ‘Fly-in Days’. Could it be that one of them was today?

As soon as I arrived back home I checked on their website and it turned out my hunch had been right: They indeed had a fly-in day today. The short drive from Aldermaston Wharf to Brimpton Airfield only took a few minutes. Now it was time to look at planes. One of the first planes I noticed was G-ERDA:

Picture of an old plane with the registration G-ERDA

Next was a flight demonstration with a Russian training plane, I hope I remembered/googled it correctly, a Yakovlev Yak-52. We were treated to a fascinating display, loopings, barrel rolls and fly-bys. Here's an impression of it in the air:

Picture of a Russian training plane, a Yak-52, in flight

There was quite some applause when it returned to the airfield. This is it with the pilot of the day, smiling after a successful flight. In his day job he's a commercial pilot. He's talking with his wife, who is also his coach. She is also a pilot and flies the plane when he isn't.

Picture of a Yak-52 on an airfield

Now there weren't only ‘real’ planes, there were also several remote controlled planes. Some tiny, some surprisingly big. There were several displays with them as well, here's a picture of one of them showing off:

Picture of a model plane in a flying display, leaving a trail of smoke

All in all an afternoon well spent, entertaining, interesting and exciting. The pictures don't fully do it justice, as the displays are obviously about the action. I've got quite a lot of video footage from the afternoon, but it will probably take me a few days to review and edit it. Fingers crossed some of it will turn out well. In other words, watch this space for updates...

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