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Ministry of Propaganda - 15/Mar/2009: "Swan -vs- Goose"

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Swan -vs- Goose

Today felt like the first day of spring, it was mild and sunny with temperatures reaching 15°C (looking at the forecast winter is far from gone though, we might get frost again). With such wonderful weather I decided to go on a day out and drove to The Vyne near Basingstoke. Only about a 20min drive from Aldermaston Wharf and I could drive with the sunroof open all the way. My first stop was at the large lake, where I could watch an interesting spectacle. The main roles were occupied by two swans and a goose:

Picture of a Goose followed by two swans

There were two Swans on the lake, which had taken a serious dislike against a white Goose. At least one of them, sometimes both at the same time, were chasing and harassing the single white goose (I assume it's a domestic goose, probably an Embden Goose).

Picture of white goose lifting off after being attacked by a swan

They were getting quite aggressive at times, attacking the goose which then took flight. Only for the swan to catch up with it soon again. There were a few close calls where the swans got quite close and almost managed to bite it.

Picture of a white goose lifting off

The chase went on for probably at least 30min, possibly longer (I didn't have my watch with me, so I'm not sure). On occasion both the goose and the swan lifted off, the goose fleeing and the swan in hot pursuit.

Picture of a goose followed by a swan in flight

Later in the afternoon I continued my walk around the park and gardens, also briefly visiting the bird hide overlooking the wetlands. Unfortunately I had forgotten my binoculars in the car, so there wasn't too much to see. Obviously also had a look at the house, some quite impressive rooms in there. Some pictures of the house (from the outside, no photography is permitted inside) may be some other time.

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